Frequently asked questions

    Here are a list of our frequently asked questions. Simply click on the question to reveal the answer.

    Q: What Type of Cue Should I Use/Buy?

    Buying a Cue is never an easy decision due to the massive range and different types currently available. A player should always buy a cue that he personally feels is comfortable and suitable for him/her. A good place to start on your cue hunt, is to speak with an experienced and competent player as ask their advice. Don’t be afraid or intimidated to ask, as you will find that most experienced players will be only too happy to help you avoid the pitfalls of acquiring something unsuitable for skilful play.

    Q: How long does it take to improve?

    Really that depends on how you apply yourself to the snooker coaching. If you put in the work you will improve quickly, if you do not then you will take much longer. You should also be practicing between coaching sessions all the methods and techniques you have learned. This will speed up your development much faster and allow you to process the snooker coaching during a session.

    Q: Do you provide equipment?

    I have a selection of Riley snooker ques for use during lessons and also ques for sale.

    Q: What is the best age to start playing Snooker?

    Snooker is one of those games that can be played and enjoyed by all ages. As long as you can reach the table then you can play!