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SightRight ® accredited Snooker Coaching

What exactly is SightRight you ask? The SightRight Snooker Coaching programme is a series of methods and routines that have been proven to develop perfect sighting and cue alignment. This allows Snooker players to accurately target the ball and perform the perfect shot. The SightRight method has been developed over 18 years by Steven Feeney and he has coached several famous professionals to better their game and win major titles.

Only recently Steven Feeney has decided to pass on his knowledge and train Snooker Coaches in the SightRight coaching methodology. Stevie Baillie was 1 of the first Snooker Coaches to receive Training and Certification in the SightRight Coaching method.

Shanghai Masters 2018

Champion SightRight Players

The list of professional Snooker players that use and swear by SightRight grows every year. Here are a few names worth noting:

  • Ronnie O’Sullivan – World No 1 and winner of 36 Ranking titles
  • Stuart Bingham – Former World Champion and World No 2
  • Mark Williams – World No 3
  • Martin Gould
  • Stephen Hendry – Former World No 1 and winner of 36 Ranking titles


  • Patented Eye Dominance & Sighting Line assessment
  • Patented Pre-Shot Sighting routines for
  • Perfect Sighting behind each shot
  • Perfect Sighting of potting Angles
  • Improved potting accuracy
  • Improved positional play for higher scoring
  • Snooker Stance & Cue Action alignment
  • Develop the perfect stance and perfect cue action for your eye dominance
  • SightRight Practice routines for improved accuracy across your whole game
  • Short, Middle & Long game
  • Break Building
  • Safety Play
  • Rest Play

And much more.