Student Testimonials

Former students of the Stevie Baillie Snooker Coaching Method.

Stevie is a very thorough coach, he leaves no stone unturned in his analysis and help towards players. He can teach any aspect of the game: basics, cue action, practice routines, self analysis, thought process, confidence, tactics etc.

I vividly remember practicing for 10 hours with Stevie the day before the start of the 2004 ETC over in Latvia. He had me buzzing and full of confidence after our session – The following morning at 10am in my first team match, I found myself 72-nil down in the first frame! I knocked in a long red, burst the pack open and cleared with 100 to snatch a bizarre frame. In the next frame I had a 147 Maximum!

Everyone was congratulating me, but I made my way straight to Stevie who gave me a big bear hug and told me that he was not in the least surprised and that he had told everyone on the quiet, that I was gonna produce something special that week, due to the way I was playing and focused the previous day. Almost everyone confirmed this to me. Uncanny!

I personally think he is one of the best coaches out there, as he is one of the few coaches that has made good players out of poor players and average players exceptional. He makes sure the players understand the reasons and the purpose of everything he advocates in his lessons.

Stevie is also one of the most approachable, straight up guys I have ever met in or out of snooker. He eats, sleeps and breathes the game.

Don’t listen to me – Book yourself a lesson and see for yourself.

Thomas (The Gun) McSorley

Scottish Internationalist

Stevie is a qualified coach that helped me out a lot when I first started to play Snooker. He knows an awful lot about the game and has played at really High Levels. Stevie is a funny guy who is never in a bad mood. I have learned mostly everything I know about Snooker from Stevie Baillie and I have also won many trophies and medals over the years at his Snooker Academy. Stevie is very friendly and very Professional in his coaching work.

Anthony Nardone

Scottish Junior Internationalist

I have come to know Stevie through my work as a World and European Coach and I can honestly say I have rarely met anyone with such a passion for snooker. His knowledge and experience in the game have proved very helpful for me on more than one occasion. His desire and work ethic in trying to take Scottish snooker forward, especially as a volunteer, is something I really admire.

Wayne Griffths

Senior Coach: Terry Griffiths Matchroom

WSA: Grade A Coach

WBSA: Coach

EBSA: Senior Trainer

I met Stevie a few years ago and asked him to coach me. Ever since, I have went from playing snooker for fun to qualifying for playing for my country which is a great achievement in any ones book and I have Stevie to thank for it all.

I also think Stevie has done more for Scottish Snooker than anyone else could ever do. There is a stage in my snooker career I would like to reach, and I believe I can do this with Stevie’s help. Stevie is a fantastic coach and once you get to know him, he is also a great person.

Gary Campbell

Scottish Internationalist

Stevie is great to work with not just because he knows what he is talking about, but also because he makes it so enjoyable and fun to do, even when you are doing the “hard time” on your own. His rapport with players makes you feel like you can talk to him anytime, about any problems you may have. I have been to a few well known coaches over the years, and I can honestly say that Stevie is up there with the very best there is. I have worked with Stevie on and off for some 5 years or so and I can see that relationship continuing for many moons to come.

Thanks for Everything Stevie!

Ross Higgins

Scottish Internationalist